Keeping your piano clean

Keeping your piano clean:
Many piano owners, especially women, like to polish their furniture, and keep it in good condition.
But what are the correct procedures to clean a piano?

The outside case of the piano is made out of wood. Different kinds of wood. And then layered over with various kinds of finishes.

Mostly it’s useful just to whipe with a damp, soft cloth, Emery, or any soft material you can find.

In some cases though, if it is very durty, it is necessary to use a mild soap-water mixture.

The important thing to remember, is, after you whiped a stroke with the damp cloth, to go over the spot with a dry, soft cloth.

This way you could keep your piano shiny and clean.

But what about the inside? The Bible says that the inside is more important right?

You can easily clean the plate of a grand piano with a cloth.

Just make sure not to touch the strings, since they are sensitive to himidity, and will go out of tune over-time.

The soundboard

It is very difficult to clean the soundboard without any experience. So ask your piano technicion to do this for you.
It requires pushing a cloth under the strings, picking up all the dust.
In grands, is easier to see the soundboard than the soundboard in uprights.
Uprights usually stands against a wall so you don’t see the backside very often.
But in a grand you can see the dust lying on the soundboard very easily.

With both verticle and grand pianos, your technician can clean it, usually within an hour, including the keys, the underside of a grand, backside of an upright, on the bottom of an upright, underneath the keys, etc.

When this is done, it will be good for about five years.

All sorts of things could get into your piano, including mice and moths.

So keep your piano nice and clean.
It could result in better performance and sound.