Our Services

A picture of me tuning
A picture of me tuning
Picture of a grand piano, cut so you can see the inside
Picture of a grand piano, cut so you can see the inside
We offer the following services:

  • Tuning;
  • Regulation, “adjustmentsā€¯;
  • Voicing;
  • Cleaning;
  • Evaluation;
  • Repairs;
  • Reconditioning;
  • Restringing.

Please contact me if you want to schedule a tuning appointment, have me come to do an evaluation; change the tone of your piano, .
If there are any repairs to be done to your piano, any adjustments, cleaning and care.

With an evaluation I could go over your piano, and see what is needed, and we could work out a plan of service.

I also offer all-day services, where I spend a few hours with pianos, doing tuning, some adjusting of the playing mechanism, tone adjustment, cleaning, etc.

Book an Appointment Online Now!;

Use the Online Booking link to select which services you need. If you are unsure, and would like to chat first, call or email me any

Now, for your information, please head over to my Piano Blog, where you can read up all about the different aspects of pianos, and how to keep your piano in mint condition.


Please note that,
1. if it is impossible to tune your piano, due to loose pins, sluggishness in action parts, or other situations, there could be the possibility that I might have to take the playing mechanism, or, the piano to my shop and do some repairs. This could result in extra cost.

2. During tuning, due to old or rusty strings, or infrequent tunings, strings break, I could replace it, there and then, but with extra cost.
If too many strings break, we would have to work out a plan to fix the problem.

3. Before I go on with any work, or if I notice some problems in the piano, i will notify you as the customer of these, before I resume my work.
This could prevent some future problems and misunderstandings.

I hope you will find it a pleasure doing business with me.

Send me an email any time to book an appointment:
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Thank you very much,
Dewald van Deventer.