Please note that,
1. if it is impossible to tune your piano, due to loose pins, sluggishness in action parts, or other situations, there could be the possibility that I might have to take the playing mechanism, or, the piano to my shop and do some repairs. This could result in extra cost.

2. During tuning, due to old or rusty strings, or infrequent tunings, strings break, I could replace it, there and then, but with extra cost.
If too many strings break, we would have to work out a plan to fix the problem.

3. Before I go on with any work, or if I notice some problems in the piano, I will notify you as the customer of these, before I resume my work.
This could prevent some future problems and misunderstandings.

I hope you will find it a pleasure doing business with Happy Pianos.

We do our best to make your piano smile and sing again!

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