Does my piano need any servicing? – A summary of what your piano needs from time to time

  • How should I care for my piano’s wood finish?
  • What is the piano’s action and why does it need maintenance?
  • How does humidity affect my piano?
  • What is voicing?
  • How often should I have my piano fully serviced?
  • How do I find a qualified person to service my piano?

Finish Care

Finish Care
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The piano is unique among musical instruments because it also serves as fine furniture for the home. In fact, the term “piano finish” has traditionally been used to describe the highest standards in wood finishing. Properly maintaining that fine finish will enhance your home’s decor and preserve the value of your piano.

Keeping your piano clean

Keeping your piano clean:
Many piano owners, especially women, like to polish their furniture, and keep it in good condition.
But what are the correct procedures to clean a piano?

The outside case of the piano is made out of wood. Different kinds of wood. And then layered over with various kinds of finishes.

Mostly it’s useful just to whipe with a damp, soft cloth, Emery, or any soft material you can find.

In some cases though, if it is very durty, it is necessary to use a mild soap-water mixture.

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